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Your Choice...
The People's Choice for The United States Senate Run in 2024!


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Dear Animal Lovers;

Hi, I'm Danny Fabricant & if you run a no kill animal rescue shelter

anywhere in California. I’d like to help you solicit donations, on

my several social media sites.

I want NOTHING in return.

I’m running for the Senate 

in the 2024 Primary and (hopefully) General Elections.

My campaign is NOT accepting donations of any sort. The campaign is being run solely via social media and word of mouth.

On all my sites, I explain to whoever is reading about me that

I think the $15+ Billion spent in the last election cycle could have

gone to much better uses, like making donations to No Kill Animal

Rescue shelters.

All of my sites will list Animal Rescue Shelters, with their

permission. If you have a website, Facebook or Instagram, etc.

page or site, my sites, with your permission, will link to yours.

My recently deceased Mother was a State Humane Officer, named

Barbara Fabricant. Some of you may have heard of her. If not, Google 'Captain Barbara Fabricant.’ She was active in helping to enact several animal related laws in California, over the years

Anyhow, I know you’re busy. Think about my no-strings offer and

send an e-mail to

Attn: Kelly, with your links & please vote for me in 2024~

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Danny was born in 1949 in New York. A couple of years later his
family moved to Ohio, where his two brothers were born, in 1952 and 1953. The family then moved to California, where Danny attended Winnetka Avenue Elementary School, Sutter Junior High School [which is now probably called Sutter Middle School], Cleveland, Taft, Reseda, Van Nuys, Grant, Van Nuys Continuation and Monroe High Schools. He attended Valley College, but did not graduate. Danny worked at his family’s Sliding Door Repair business, and worked on and rebuilt cars, trucks and motorcycles, during his adult life. His experience with the Federal criminal justice system began in 1976. Danny and one of his brothers were Federally indicted/accused of 21 Counts of Conspiracy and Mail Fraud. Back then, the U.S. Attorney’s Offices had integrity and believed in fair play. The ’rules’ for operation of the criminal justice system were fair, and gave both sides an equal chance. The U.S. Attorney’s Office immediately turned over every scrap of paper that had anything to do with the Federal agency’s investigation, warts and all. Because of unlawful conduct by the investigating agency (the Postal Inspectors Office) Judge Harry Pregerson ordered the criminal case dismissed. Danny, and his brother, were released on a reasonable bail the same day they were arrested.
In 1986, Danny and a motorcycling associate of his (George
Christie), were indicted/accused of conspiracy to commit murder,
and associated charges. The prosecutor, Steven Czuleger for many
years a well respected Los Angeles Superior Court Judge), played
fair and turned over everything that had anything to do
with the shameful investigation/frame-up. After a
seven-week trial, the jury returned Not Guilty verdicts after only
a few hours of deliberation. Danny and his co-defendant were held
without bail, because the implied seriousness of the charges.
In 1998, Danny was married, for the first time, to a wonderful,
intelligent, smart and beautiful woman stunt driver. In December,
2003, Danny and his wife were indicted/accused of various crimes
related to recreational substances. Because of unfair changes to the
way Federal prosecutions were to be conducted, Danny and his wife were held without bail, even though his wife had no criminal record, and was many years younger than Danny.
The whole ball game had changed. The U.S. Attorney’s Offices now
assign two prosecutors to every criminal case. There is no more
’fair play.’ The mission of the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices is to win
convictions, by any means possible, including fighting tooth and
nail to withhold any document damaging to their case, objecting to
defense requests (Danny represented himself, as he had in both prior Federal prosecutions) to be allowed to interview witnesses (at the Federal Jail) and to confidentially communicate, by telephone and in writing with potential witnesses and persons who were helping him to prepare a defense. The judge assigned to the case (with the recent death of 'Judge Real, is now -widely known as the most prosecution leaning Judge in the Central District of California) agreed with every objection posed by the prosecution. Danny and his wife were convicted in their first trial. Danny received Life sentences. His wife received a sentence of more than eight years.
A couple of years later, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
reversed their convictions, because the Judge had granted the
prosecution’s motion to exclude from the jury any evidence related to their star witness assaulting, kidnapping, stabbing three dozen times and beheading a 44 year old mother of six, who the star witness did not even know. He did these things because he felt the woman had disrespected him.
A week or so after he murdered the woman (whose corpse was left
in the Arizona desert), he made contact with the ATF, who signed him up as a paid informant, despite the murder. Over the next two years, he framed Danny and his wife to make it look like Danny had sold him some Methamphetamine, on a few occasions. His wife was charged because the star witness stated that she had been there, and once accepted money, when Danny was not at home.
After the Trial I convictions were reversed, Danny’s (now former)
wife pled guilty to the only Count she had anything to do with--one related to Danny giving the Star Witness one of her checking account deposit slips, to deposit $100 he owed Danny, into her account. She then received a ’Time Served’ sentence.
Danny’s Trial II went no better, even though the Federal Public
Defender (because of the notoriety of the prosecution, in legal
circles) came into the case as Danny’s co-counsel.
The U.S. Attorney’s Office continued to lie to both Danny's co-counsel and the Court. They told the Judge that they would not turn over requested documents because THEY deemed them 'Not Relevant’ to the case. They played ’Dirty Tricks’ on the co-counsel (who actually believed that the U.S. Attorney’s Office still believed in fair play and had integrity).
The Judge denied co-counsel’s motions to be provided the needed
documents, to have certain necessary incarcerated witnesses brought in as Trial II witnesses and to allow Danny to testify at his own Trial. Danny was again convicted and again received Life sentences, which he is currently serving in the Lompoc, CA Federal Penitentiary.
Danny’s Trial II appeal ended up in front of a prosecution-leaning
panel of Judges [NOTE: Despite what you may have heard about the so-called super liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, only about half of its Judges are ’reasonable.’ The other half are certainly not reasonable.]
Several years later, Danny’s Trial II convictions were Affirmed
(upheld) by the Ninth Circuit. Federal (and State) law allow a
criminal defendant whose ’direct’ appeal has been affirmed to then
file a post-conviction Petition/Motion, raising grounds that cannot
be raised in a ’direct’ appeal. Under current federal law, that
Petition/Motion (unlike in California) goes to the trial Judge, who
certainly isn’t going to agree that he/she did anything wrong during the trial. Current federal law also allows the trial Judge, to decide IF the defendant will be ALLOWED to appeal his/her ruling, to a Court of Appeals. It was certainly no surprise that the trial Judge refused to allow Danny to appeal his denial of the post-conviction Petition/Motion.
Danny is still trying to convince the Ninth Circuit to hear an
appeal of the denial of his Petition/Motion.
One of Danny’s missions, once he is elected, is to cause the laws
which now govern the way criminal prosecutions (and appeals) are
conducted now, to be changed back to the way they were when the system was fair, equal and had integrity.
[NOTE: In November, 2003, the Star Witness pled Guilty to a Federal VICAR Murder (which is punishable only by Death or Life/without possibility of parole) and to Manslaughter, in Arizona State Court. As of July, 2008, he had been paid $448,000+ for his cooperation. He and his family have been supported by
the Federal Government ever since in the Witness Protection Program. When he is finally sentenced, per his Guilty pleas, his punishment is going to be five years, OF PROBATION]...

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The Media Interview (Q & A's)

This site showcases the many journeys I’ve taken. I do many different things, but each project I take on I approach with the greatest enthusiasm, focus and resolve. I am going to be the California State Senate Representative in 2022 and with YOUR help it is going to happen!

Danny's Interview Q & A's


You've been locked up for over 17 years. Do you have any clue as to what's been going on in the world during that time?


I have not been locked in a dark cave with no electricity. I read the Wall Street Journal every day just about cover to cover. I watch about a collective hour a day of both Fox news and CNN. I read weekly or bi-weekly Washington Examiner, Time, National Review, Bloomberg,  Businessweek & The Economist.

I read other major newspapers when I can get a hold of them like the Los Angeles & New York Times.

Federal Prisoners have unlimited time for email, so I regularly email people in civilization who also keep me up to date on issues of importance. I probably know more about what's going on in the World than you do...


You're serving life sentences in a federal penitentiary, don't you consider that to be an impediment when running for congress, and, if you are elected to actually serving in congress?


The laws have changed as to mandatory minimum life sentences for Recreational Substance convictions  although the changes have not been made retroactive  yet. Congress and the Senate are working on that right now with the introduction of Senate Bills S1013 and S1014, which have the full support of bi-partisan co-sponsors and President Biden. I expect to back among Y’all later this year.


I've seen a video of you apparently speaking to a crowd that is 25 plus years old.  Where was that recorded?


In front of the Hilton Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada.


Can you explain what that was all about?


It's just one of my Stand-Up comedy routines.


When you are let out of prison, and elected, can we expect to see similar performances from you in the Senate?


Wait and see. I can't wait to call out all the liars and hypocrites on the senate floor every time they start their lying and Flag Waiving-Hypocrisy.


Can I ask you some questions about the Hells Angels?



First of all I have not been a member of the Club since I left the Club, in good standing in June 2002, so I have no idea about anything about the Club since then. To maintain my good standing I signed a 25 year non-disclosure agreement in June 2002. That does not expire until June 2027. You could ask me after that time, but by then my knowledge about the Club would be really old and stale.


In 1998, when you were almost 50, you married an 18 yr old woman. Can you explain that?


What's to explain? I'd never been married before. I met and fell in love with a woman who was 99 3/4 % perfect. She was intelligent, serious, focused, gorgeous and far older mentally than her years. She was also a stunt driver, what's not to love?


What are your ideas on the Filibuster?


It should go back to what it used to be. ONE Senator (no tag-teams,

led by Ted Cruz (R-Cancun) gets up and talks about nothing (as they all seem to do) until he/she can speak no more, and then the vote is taken. The '60 vote' rule has to go, or Mitch McConnell will bring everything to a halt.


What do you think about ‘Supreme Court Packing’?


The Supreme Court is already packed by Mitch McConnell. Since about 1970 the Supreme Court has consisted of five Conservative Justices and four reasonable Justices. Then in February or March of the last year of Obama’s second term, Justice Scalia died. McConnell was too close to the next election, so Trump got to fill that seat.

Jump ahead to 2020, about a month before the election, Justice Ginsburg died. McConnell had no problem with speeding through the conservative that  Trump nominated, in record time.

The Supreme Court, now has six conservatives and three reasonable justices.

I think the Democrats should introduce a bill, perhaps titled, ‘The Mitch McConnell Supreme Court Modernization Act of 2021’, adding two more justices who Biden will nominate and the Senate would confirm. This would make the balance six conservatives and five reasonable justices. Who could argue with that? It certainly wouldn't be packing the court.


I just read that it costs more than $400 million a year to keep now (40) prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. What would you suggest the country do with them?


Fly them all to one of the NRA’s private hunting compounds, and give them all a five minute head start.


What do you think about reparations for slavery?


Where would that line of thought end? Native Americans, including (Pocahontas) would then demand it,  then descendants of Irish people who were heavily discriminated against 100 years ago, then the insane, the physically handicapped, those with red hair, and whatever other group came together, because their ancestors suffered through something in the past.  Each of those groups also benefited from wrongs and evils in the past. In more modern times, if the country is going to do that route…

I'm owed for suffering through miserable prison conditions during my several stints as an involuntary guest of state and federal prisons.


Would you want to change or repeal ridiculous or unfair federal laws?


There are too many to list. That would be one of my primary goals, changing or repealing them retroactively, so as to get rid of many people's convictions, and allowing those unfairly convicted to get another trial. Was the country made safer by throwing Martha Stewart, and those actresses and their husbands in prison for a few months? Why is ‘lying to a Federal officer’ a crime at all?  Are they too stupid to solve crimes if the person they think did something wrong lies to them?


What sort of things would you do differently than other senators.


 A lot of things. I won't talk to lobbyists or people representing unions, religions, anti-abortionists, other countries, either anti or pro gun people, or anyone who wants something done to benefit people outside of California. And I'll talk to those people, when I'm back in California at one of my offices.

I won't have a reelection fund, as I'm not asking for nor accepting any donations for this campaign as you all know. Is all that different enough?


How are you financing necessary expenses, like for websites, office supplies, reimbursing expenses for the many volunteers helping your campaign?


So far, I'm using the $3400 I got from my stimulus checks, and a small amount of money being held for me. My whole campaign is being run through social media and word of mouth, which really isn't that expensive. More than ‘15 billion’  was reported being donated/spent on the 2020 election cycle.

We all know there was a lot more spent and slipped into pockets and purses by people, companies, foreign governments, and a multitude of special interests who will all want favors later on.

I won't owe anyone anything, except the people of California! You all know my positions on dozens of topics, which will not change.



20346 Londelius St. Winnetka, CA. 91306

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